Cloud Web Hosting vs. Dedicated Web Hosting

Difference between cloud web hosting and dedicated web hosting

In the IT infrastructure, both Cloud Web Hosting and dedicated hosting are two distinct technologies that are in widespread use in the hosting environment. Dedicated Hosting is assigning a physical and dedicated server in accordance to the requirements of the customer.

Cloud computing or better known as Cloud Hosting is a type of a VPS or Virtual Private Server for use in hosting of dedicated resources.

In Cloud Hosting, there is a main advantage in terms of cost effectiveness, ease of management and scalability. Citing an example, let’s assume that a customer has purchased a cloud server with 2 GB RAM, Dual Core and 120 GB of Server Space and during the course of a month, the requirements have gone up to 160 GB of server space with 4 GB of RAM, it is easier and faster to enhance the present hosting plan to meet the fresh and enlarged requirements.

Yet the only disadvantage on Cloud Hosting or the Cloud Server arrangements is that in case you require finer tuning on the hardware and software stack, it is not possible in cloud servers though it is possible in dedicated hosting.