Cod vs. Stockfish

Difference Between Cod And Stockfish

Cod fish is a kind of fish. It is beheaded and dried in sun in open. It is preserved in salt. There are two different types of cod: the salty cod and dried cod. In the first case cod is cleaned and put in salt for about 3 weeks whereas the dried cod is salted and dried for about a week. From the nutritional point of view, cod is rich in protein and low in calories. Cod is used to prepare other types of dishes.  The cod is produced throughout the year in countries such as Norway, Iceland and Denmark.

The stockfish is cod dried in air without adding salt. It is beheaded and left whole to dry in the sun. Only Norwegian Arctic cod is used for preparing stockfish. Its production is influenced by seasonal fishing in the months of February, March and April. The name stockfish is derived from the Germanic ‘stock’ which means “stick” as the fishermen were in the habit of sticking of a wooden rod to open and clean the cod. The cod is produced in Norway because the atmospheric conditions to open and dry cod exist in North Norway.


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