Common Cold Vs. Sinus Infection

Difference Between Common Cold And Sinus Infection

The common cold which is also known as nasopharyngitis or a cold, acute coryza, acute viral rhinopharyngitis, is a contagious viral infection. This infection which attacks the skin and the nervous system is due to the corona virus or the rhinovirus. Common cold is again one of the most common diseases though not totally cured is also not fatal. Sinusitis or sinus infection (rhino sinusitis) is a condition of infection and inflammation of Para nasal sinuses.

Though both are very same but there are minor differences. Cold is not caused from cold weather but the fact that the fact that staying continuously indoors makes the transmission of bacteria easier.


Sinus infections may lead to mild fever headache, toothache, facial pain and swelling of the face and even eyes. The pain tends to increase when the patient bows down to pick up something. But common colds hardly causes fever The symptoms of a common cold are runny and stuffed nose, a sore throat, fatigue and a  feeling of severe exhaustion.

Common cold produces clear mucus but sinusitis produces yellow or greenish mucus which may even contain puss.

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