Concrete Vs. Pavers

Difference Between Concrete And  Pavers

While both these terms refer to material that is made use of in the exterior landscaping, pavers are molded concrete pieces or brick and concrete is a construction material. Concrete is the mixture of gravel, cement and water. It hardens into a smooth and enduring layer when it is poured on a surface. Pavers are interlocked pieces of brick and they fit well.

From the point of view of durability, concrete is certainly better. This is because it is more supple and versatile than pavers. However, as far as implementation is concerned paver are the best. They can be transported and replaced with much more ease than concrete. However concrete helps to prepare the ground very well.

Unlike concrete, pavers take a much longer time to settle down. As far as repair and modification is concerned, a concrete road needs complete destruction. Also, the concrete mixture needs to be prepared and poured all over again. Installation of roads made from pavers are very time consuming, they can be moved or replaced very easily. When it is needed the scattered pavers can be replaced easily. In case of a major redecorating, only a few pavers need to be replaced and no significant demarcation or difference is seen in the replaced pavers when the path needs to be expanded or reduced in their size.

When concrete is used to create roads, driveways and courtyards etc. five types of concrete are put to use. On the other hand three different types of bricks are made use of as pavers so as to create landscape driveways. Concrete exist in different types of stains as well as color whereas pavers exist in various ranges of textures, colors as well as shapes. The concrete can be made use of by carving, engraving or marking whereas pavers are made use of by sealing. A concrete that has been stamped or authenticated is much more expensive as compared to pavers. Installation of concrete on a ground that is already prepared is difficult as it requires much expertise while the same for the pavers is much easier as even an amateur can do it all by himself. As far as repairing and modification is concerned, pavers are a much more co-operative as compared to concrete for someone who is not ad expert at the work.

For areas that are either very shady or very damp as well as mossy, pavers form a better choice if their installation is proper as they are capable of resisting snow fall as well as give way to water for penetration through themselves without getting spoilt themselves. Concrete on the other hand performs the above functions in a much better way but ends up getting damaged itself by cracking up.


  1. The pathways that are made of concrete are not that stable are way too expensive and get damaged as well as cracked as time passes.
  2. Pathways that are made of pavers are definitely cheaper but they need to be installed correctly else they end up scattering.
  3. Concrete exist in different types of stains as well as color whereas pavers exist in various ranges of textures, colors as well as shapes.


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