Congruent vs Similar

Difference Between Congruent And Similar

In mathematics, the term “similar” and “congruent” are used most often in plane figures. They describe the relationship between forms. Identifying similarities or congruence between two or more figures can be useful for the calculation and design of work.

Similar figures are the figures with same shape. But they can vary in size. The area of ​​two similar plane figures does not need to be equal. For example, two triangles are said to be similar if corresponding angles are equal, or the relationship between the corresponding bases are the same. We can draw an infinite number of similar triangles with the same angle but with different sizes. It can set the same, less or save a similar size in relation to the original.

Figures with same shape and size are congruent figures. Therefore, two congruent figures all corresponding angles and dimensions corresponding to base are equal in the two.

What is the difference between similar and congruent?

Similar figures are same in shape, but congruent figures have equal shape and size.
· Two similar figures may vary in area. But the two congruent figures are equal in area.

· The ratio between the sides of two similar figures are equal.

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