Cooler vs. Air-Conditioner

How are cooler and air-conditioner different from each other?

Although they are used for the same purpose in a home, there is a difference between the terms “cooler” and ‘air-conditioner.” A cooler makes use of hot air and water to cool a room in your home but an air-conditioner contains a compressor similar to that used in a refrigerator to achieve the same result. This is the main difference between the two appliances.

When it is hot and dry on the outside a cooler works better than an air-conditioner. You can use an air-conditioner, though, no matter what the weather is like outside. However, a cooler helps to increase the humidity of the air inside the home and this is especially useful during the winter months. You don’t use an air conditioner in cold temperatures.

There is a difference in the price of both appliances. A cooler is much cheaper to buy and operate than an air-conditioner, but it is unable to cool the home to the same extent as an air-conditioner can. Your electricity bill will be higher if you use an air-conditioner rather than a cooler in the hotter months of the year. It does though help maintain constant cool temperatures in all types of weather but a cooler does not do a lot to cool the inside temperature in humid weather.

There is a type of air-conditioner known as the split type that has a built-in outdoor unit.  This sends hot air outside the home. A cooler does not need to have such a component because it does not emit any hot air.