Corporations Vs. Foundations

Differences between corporations and foundations
Among the non-profit entities those exist, there are foundations and corporations, and sometimes have to confuse one another.
A corporation is very different to be a foundation, both for its formation as the objectives and goals pursued.
When creating an entity, it should be clear as to which legal form to use depending on the purpose behind to create such entities.
The corporation consists of a collection of individuals and seeks the welfare of members, whether physical, intellectual and moral. Not for profit.
The foundation is distinguished from the corporation which is a special purpose pursued charitable or public education, for which certain goods are destined. At the foundation is not associated persons but a set of goods endowed with legal personality, the associations for her acting are secondary as opposed to acting in the corporation.
In short, the corporation is an association of persons, and the foundation a predestination to social goods. ”
It is clear that the corporation is formed by a group of people who seek for the welfare of themselves, that is, members of the corporation.
Instead, the foundation is not formed by a group of people, but by a set of goods provided by companies or individuals whose goal is to incline the welfare or benefit of persons other than those belonging to the foundation, ie, its objective is benefit to others.
A corporation may be, for example, a club of housewives in a neighborhood that aims to achieve educational, for other for them or their families.
A foundation can be a set of goods and resources provided by the merchants of the neighborhood, whose goal is not to benefit merchants, but people from the elderly, for example.
We see that the corporation aims for the best interest of its members, while the foundation aims for the benefit of outsiders, from outside the foundation.

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