Dementia Vs. Alzheimeres Disease

Difference Between Dementia And Alzheimeres Disease

Dementia is aloss of thinking and shortage of memory. It hampersthe ability of an individual to executetasks that he/she was capable of performing previously. Like pain symbolizes illness or some kind of injury, Dementia is also a symbol of a serious ailment.Like the treatment of pain depends on its cause, similarly, the treatment of Dementia depends on the cause of it that may vary from Alzheimer’s disease to some sort of injury or tumor in the brain or over consumption of alcohol or Parkinson’s disease or even strokes or fits. So, because of the fact that Alzheimer’s disease is one of the causes of the Dementia, there are several people who use the two terms in place of one another. But in reality there exist a lot of differences between the two types of clinical conditions.

Nowadays physicians prefer using the term Dementia as using the term Alzheimer’s disease results in frightening the patients as well as the members of their family. The same trend is seen to be followed by the experts too nowadays.


Dementia is a clinical condition that results in the declineof the rationalcapabilities of an individual that occurs as a result of various kinds of disorders or diseases of the brain of that particular patient.

Alzheimer’s disease, on the other hand, isa cause of Dementia



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