Democracy vs. Mobocracy

Difference Between Democracy and Mobocracy

The two terms Democracy and Mobocracy must be understood differently when it comes to their methodology and concepts.

One of the major differences between the two is that democracy is rule by the people while Mobocracy is the rule or government by a mob. In democracy the government is elected by the entire population. That is, people have the power and can elect their representatives in the democratic form of government.

On the other hand Mobocracy is the form of government where people have no power to elect their representatives as this a particular set of people or a crowd that reserves the right to form a government and rule the people.

One important difference between democracy and Mobocracy is that the elected representatives of the people control public affairs Mobocracy while in the crowd offered to form a government controlled public affairs in every way. The entire population has no authority or right to elect representatives or the crowd/ mob.

In democracy, the government is a tolerant and classless form of society. On the contrary a form of mobocratic government is not a classless and a tolerant form of society. The power is completely with the mob that exists on public affairs. On the contrary the power is completely with the people who elect the representatives in the event of democracy.

Since democracy is a form of classless society, equal rights are given to the public. On the other hand the equality of rights is not given to all members of the public if it is a mobocracy. The rights are with the mob only.


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