Democracy vs. Totalitarianism

Difference Between Democracy and Totalitarianism

Democracy and totalitarianism differ from each other to a large extent. Democracy is a form of government in which all citizens have a say in matters regarding their lives. While totalitarianism is a political system where a single person with all the powers granted recognizes no limits to his powers. Totalitarianism seeks to regulate all aspects of public and private life.

Democracy is the rule of the people so that totalitarianism is the rule of a single powerful person. This is the main difference between democracy and totalitarianism.

Totalitarianism is often described by political experts as a combination of authoritarianism and ideology that consists in identifying the limits of the powers of citizens in making the decision. So totalitarianism is very much the opposite of democracy when it comes to its concept.

Every vote in a democratic country has equal value while that’s not the case with totalitarianism. Freedom of citizens is fully protected in democracy as the freedom of citizens is not protected in the event of totalitarianism. The other form of totalitarian government imposes the speech restriction, mass surveillance and use other limited powers over citizens.

On the contrary, democracy neither restricts speech on citizens nor does it reduce the power and the right decision-making of the individual citizen. In democracy the citizens have much to say in the public decision-making while in the totalitarian rule a single person with whom the power lies can only be granted with the power of state decision speaking.

All citizens are considered equal before the law for democracy. The question of equality of citizens does not occur at all in totalitarianism. These are the differences between democracy and totalitarianism.

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