Democrats vs. Republicans

Difference Between Democrats and Republicans

Democrats and Republicans could appear as two terms with the same meaning. That’s not true. There are numerous differences between the two. The main difference between Democrats and Republicans is in their philosophy.

The Democrats strongly believe that government institutions are successful in finding of solutions to the problems and disparities of society. The Republicans believe instead that government institutions are unable to provide further solutions to the problems and disparities of society.

Republicans believe in finding solutions for problems and disparities in society by adhering to the principle of freedom of the individual choice. Individual choice may be the point of view of economic, social, cultural or ideological aspects. Democrats are not in favor of individual choice.

The Democrats regard collective groups of people as victims. They believe that an individual can not be a solitary victim of any policy of a government. On the other hand it is the entire group of people who might be the victim of a adverse governmental policy.

The Democratic Party aims to raise taxes and redistribute wealth to strike a balance between rich and poor. They take efforts to meet people’s needs. They believe in beginning a centralized programs. The Republicans do not believe in institutions of programs that are centralized.

The Republicans seem to believe in the concept of SHIP that can be developed as self-help inspires people. The Republicans are trying to keep taxes low by working to maintain government power and limit their interference into people’s affairs. They believe strongly that the money is kept by those who earn it as the government can not create wealth. Only private initiatives can create wealth.


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