A Desktop vs. Workstation

Difference Between Desktop and Workstation

Most office workers do not know the difference between a workstation and a desktop. Both of these terms are used in an office setting, but there are still some differences amongst the two.  They both require the use of computers to perform their tasks, but it goes beyond this simple interpretation of what each word means, in the work force.


A workstation is where multiple computers, printers, and processors are constantly in use. It is usually an office where papers are continually being sent to the printer or being pulled from the printer. It is designed to perform specific tasks. It is like a telephone operator station; there are about 60 workers in 1 room and about 60 computers and about 10 printers. The sole purpose of this workstation is only for the job at hand.


Desktops can be setup anywhere. They are common in home offices where many small businesses originate from, or in offices where most of the work takes place. A desktop is a personal computer that can be placed in any room setting, along with a keyboard, a pair of speakers and a mouse. Desktops give their users the opportunity to use word processing software, and internet applications.


The two terms are used interchangeably in an office setting. However, in some regards they are the same. They both use the aid of computers, and the peripherals that go into making the systems work, like the keyboard, mouse, printer, and fax machine.  How fast a computer can connect to the internet is important also when determining how to setup a workstation or desktop. Price is also another factor that goes into setting up the workplace workstation. Spending too much money to get a job done is not necessary, it only take efficiency and organization.


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