Difference Between Hippie and Hipster

Hipster vs. Hippie


The word is an offensive term that was used in the 1940s to refer to the young adults belonging to the middle class. They had quite keen interest in fashion and culture. They were fond of indie rock music and they used to read magazines like the Clash and Vice. The hipsters always used to avoid being labeled. They used to dress, act and look alike. This was a significant character in them. It was said that the Hipsters conform in their non-conformity.


The word Hippies used to indicate a subculture in the 1960s in the USA. It was a youth movement that spread to other countries as well and touched the peak of popularity in the 1970s.. The hippies used to create their own social groups and made use of drugs such as marijuana and LSD as a medium to experience different states of consciousness. They used listened to psychedelic rock music. They chose their own way of life and searched life’s new meaning. They strived to make themselves free from any social restrictions. The manner of their dressing made Hippies immediately recognizable. They believed in freedom of movement. They always traveled light, never thinking and worrying whether they carried money or not. They would not make any fuss if there were no place for them to stay and they would overnight in other hippie households.