DISABILITY is an overall concept.

Disability means practice of social disability.

Disabilities are the first and the foremost inhibition in relation to play, schooling and work.

Handicap is a subordinate concept. The chance for handicap progresses to disability


These two concepts, handicap and disability, are used today everywhere in society and have relevance in a variety of contexts. They are used in business areas where we work with people who have different assistance to participate in community life.

For employees who are associated with this type of measure, it is therefore important to have clarify these concepts for them as they are useful tools of thinking and thus for the practice. This is not always the case. The terms are used at random as if they are identical.

Why is a clarification of the concepts of handicapped / disabled person important?

Because it allows for a better clarification of objectives and measures in relation to the group of people we call disabled and handicapped. This is important for large groups of employees, such as for teachers in primary school who have the task to integrate the disabled into Public education. It is also important for other groups working with people who need various assistance measures, for example. those working on measures for deaf, blind or with major damage after accidents, etc. In general, it is important for everyone working for habilitation and rehabilitation.


DISABILITY is identical with social disabilities while handicap is not.

Disability effects the person on social and business front while handicap doesn’t

Disability is a state between an individual and his social environment.

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