Drug vs. Medicine

Difference Between Drug and Medicine

A drug is a substance that is often considered a narcotic, hallucinogenic or stimulant. In short we can say that a drug is stimulant by nature and purpose and above all it causes addiction. It is normal for humans to administer a drug in their body. It is also added to a drink or food.

One of the properties of a drug is amazement. It amazes the mind. Now the one who takes drugs is often called a drug addict. Hence, the word ‘addict’ refers to one who is addicted to narcotics on regularly. A person who sells most addictive drugs illegally is a drug peddler. It is believed that the word ‘drug’ is created from ‘drogue’ which is an old French word.

The word ‘medicine’ means a preparation used for the prevention or treatment of disease. Medicine refers to the preparation especially the ones consumed by mouth.

In the broadest sense the word ‘medicine’ would mean the science or practice of the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. It is seen as a practice quite separate surgical methods. A doctor of medicine’ refers to a physician who is an expert in treating diseases by administering medicines.

Second medicine does not contribute to addiction. In other words we can say that medicine does not cause the amazement of the mind like the drugs do. The word ‘medicine’ is derived from ‘medicina’ which is a Latin word ‘. The two words ‘drug’ and ‘medicine’ must be different is usage.


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