Eagle vs. Falcon

Difference Between Eagle and Falcon

Falcon and Eagle are different from each other when it comes to their nature and characteristics. A falcon has a slashed beak which is used to break the neck of its prey.

In fact, the peregrine falcon is one of the fastest birds in the world. It can fly up to 200 mph (320km / h) in one dive. Falcons have longer wings as compared to eagles. Many species of falcon are now in danger of extinction.

Eagles on the contrary have a strong beak. They are very sharp and hooked. Interestingly the eagle is a hunting bird. Eagles catch and eat small animals. They have sharp claws and strong to hold the prey.

Eagles use their beaks for tearing flesh. Eagles fly at great heights and have sharp eyes for locating their prey on the ground below. An eagle’s body has a strong framework of bones which are hollow. They have air filled in them. It has a strong yet light body. Its boat shaped body allows it to float in the air easily.

Falcon also has strong framework of bones. Its bones are hollow and filled with air and the boat shaped body makes it able to float in the air easily. Both birds use wings in the place of arms. They both have strong muscles known as fight muscles.



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