Earth vs. Mars

Difference Between Earth and Mars

Earth and Mars that are part of our solar system are terrestrial planets. They show differences in terms of their properties and characteristics. Earth sustains life better than Mars due to its acceptable distance from sun and the conducive living conditions they have.

On the other hand Mars is colder than Earth because of its distance from the Sun. The light factor is also not favorable to life on the planet Mars. The earth is the third planet from the Sun while Mars is the fourth planet from the sun. This is the main difference between Earth and Mars.

The earth rotates from west to east on its own axis. This rotation causes days and nights. The earth takes 24 hours to complete one rotation. As the earth rotates on its axis as it rotates and also revolves around the Sun. The earth completes a revolution around the sun in about 365 days. We call this period as one year.

On the other hand Mars is located at a distance of 228 million kilometers from the Sun while Earth is at a distance of 150 million km from the Sun. It takes 687 days for the planet Mars to describe an orbit around the Sun. That is the period taken by Mars to go around the Sun is larger than the period taken by earth to go around the Sun.

It is believed that Mars closest planet to earth. The earth has the moon as its natural satellite. Of course the moon is considered the closest neighbor of the earth in space.


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