Earth vs. Moon

Difference Between Earth and Moon

Earth and the Moon are members of our solar system they show differences between them. It is important to know that the rotation of the earth is the same as the revolution of the earth.

Earth spins on its own axis and this is called rotation. The revolution of the earth is the movement of the earth around the sun. The earth is a planet. It is able to support life due its favorable distance from the Sun. Moreover, its atmosphere is composed of gases in the suitable composition. The earth consists of water, air and the amount of heat which is fit for the living creatures to survive with good health.

It is important to know that the earth rotates or spins on its axis from west to east. This rotation is the reason for the formation of day and night. The earth completes a rotation every 24 hours. As the earth rotates on its axis as it rotates and moves around the sun. The earth completes a revolution around the sun in about 365 days and period is known as one year.

The Moon is natural satellite of the earth. Satellites are objects in space that move around other objects. The moon is our closest neighbor in space. It takes about 28 days for the moon to revolve around the earth. This movement around the earth gives rise to the phases of the moon.

There are two main phases of the moon, namely the full moon and new moon. It takes roughly two weeks between the new moon and full moon. The moon can not be seen when it is a new moon. It is important to know that the moon does not give light of its own. On the other hand it reflects the sunlight.


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