Educational Sociology vs. Sociology of Education

Difference Between Educational Sociology and Sociology of Education

Sociology of Education and Educational Sociology are 2 branches of study which are sometimes incorporated as one and the same branch, but they actually are not. They are different when it comes to their subjects of study and the nature of the branches of study.

Sociology of education deals with how education and conclusions are affected by individual experiences and public institutions. The study of the development of public education systems and its blow on modern industrial societies form the subject of the branch of study in sociology of education. Topics such as advanced education, more education, continuing education and training may be included in the branch of study in sociology of education.

Sociology on the other hand is the educational branch of study that deals with different methods providing the best education to the company by looking in depth of our culture and society. Educational sociology is a subject that needs to sociologists as the educationists in the account. This is a topic invaluable asset to all students and researchers in social sciences, particularly sociology and education. It is generally believed that those concerned with an in-depth study of education will promoted more than the branch of sociology of education.

In the sociology of education, education was seen as a fundamentally optimistic human venture characterized by the desire and will to improve and enhance. Education is thus a fundamental effort of every individual. It is interesting to note that experts in the sociology of education nod that education is seen as an effort by which children develop as per their needs. The latent for children plays an important segment in the task of education.


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