Effective vs. Affective

Difference Between Effective and Affective

The two words, Effective and Affective are considered to be similar words by several people and are used regardless of their differences between them by some people in a wrong manner. There are differences in their denotation and implication.

The word, Effective connotes something about the outcome, while Affective is something related to influence or suggesting the sway of something over the other. The word effective is suggestive about the nature of the efficacy of the result.

Taking a look at the sentences given below,

1. The medicine was very effective.

2. Malaria is an affective disease.

In the first sentence the word ‘Effective’ is used in the logic of the effectiveness of the medicine in order to eradicate the disease or the ailment. Contrarily, in the second sentence the word ‘Affective’ means that Malaria has the supremacy to have some bearing on somebody who is near you and infect him or her also. Therefore, the word ‘Affective’ is used in the good judgment of ‘infectious’.

On the other hand, the word ‘Effective’ is not used in the sense of ‘infectious’. It can however be said that the word ‘Effective’ implies the strength within while the word ‘Affective’ suggests the force without.

In the sentence, “He took an effective decision” where the word ‘Effective’ is used as an adjective as. Here the word ‘Effective’ is used to communicate the sagacity of ‘hard-wearing. The word ‘Effective’ almost assures a result. On the other hand, the word ‘Affective’ does not promise the result.

The pressure suggested by the word ‘Affective’ may be adequate enough to bring about a change. Conversely, the force suggested by the word ‘Effective’ is surely enough to cause an alteration. This is the main difference between the two words which requires to be understood. Therefore, both these words should be used with a lot of carefulness and exactness.

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