Electro Negativity vs. Electron Affinity

Difference Between Electro Negativity and Electron Affinity

Electro negativity and electron affinity are two concepts that are often encountered by students include bonding of two atoms to a molecule. Although very similar, there are differences in the two words that should be emphasized. Electro negativity is the property of an atom to bind with another atom while the electron affinity is the power of an atom to attract the pair of the molecule. In general, the atoms have high electron affinity tend to be more electronegative.

The electron affinity is the amount of energy released when an atom gains an electron. More energy is released, most definitely becomes an atom and ion. So is the ability of an atom to attract added electrons. The electron affinity Eea or one atom of a molecule is represented by the following chemical equation.

X-→ X e –

In some cases, the electron does not need to be detached from a molecule to form a bond with one another. Here, the electron is shared and a covalent bond is formed. Electro negativity is thus the measure of the ability of a molecule to attract electrons and form a covalent bond. Advanced electro negativity and indicates the strongest blow exerted by a molecule to pull electrons towards it.

The Difference Between electro negativity and electron affinity

Electro negativity is a concept that is difficult to assess and has been used to explain the creation of covalent bonds and bond polarity. On the other hand, the electron affinity can be easily measured by calculating the amount of energy released when an electron is detached from an atom to become an ion. Electro negativity is a concept that tells us that the location of the bonding pair of electrons in a molecule. This pair is located closer to the atom is more electronegative of the two. Another difference is that while the electron affinity deals with a single atom, while the electron affinity deals with atoms in a molecule. Track the oxygen atom attracts electrons is electro negativity, while the phenomenon of chlorine taking an electron of sodium is the electron affinity. Finally, electro negativity is a property, while the electron affinity is a dimension.


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