Difference Between EMR and EHR

EMR (Electronic Medical Record) and EHR (electronic health record system) are the terms used interchangeably by most of the people an alternative and believe the two to be the same. However, EMR and EHR is quite different.

One of the major differences between EMR and EHR is with respect to sharing of electronic data. While EMR relate to the data available with a single practitioner, EMR is related to the sharing of documents across different practitioners and hospitals.

EMR deals with patient information, laboratory applications, clinical data management systems and other things, that are within range of a single organization or an athlete. EHR can be taken as complete clinical assessments made by wide range of health organizations.

Although EMR is electronic data for a single diagnosis, the EMR is a comprehensive overview of the patient’s general health.

EHR relates to a patient’s documents that come from a single clinic or health care facility. EMR is the collection of data from all clinics patient has visited. It’s a comprehensive data based on the health history of the patient.

EPR contains updated information about a patient’s health. EMR is a clinical data from a single clinic which can not be taken as complete.

Well, EMR less prone to abuse and theft of data in relation to the EHR because EMR is the record of a single hospital and can be handled by a single physician while EHR is data from various sources.

Summary :.

1. While EHR relates to data from individual health office, EMR related to the sharing of documents across different suppliers.

2. While EHR is the only electronic data of a single diagnosis , the EMR a comprehensive picture of the patient’s general health.




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