Energy vs. Power

Difference Between Energy and Power

The End and Finish are two words that are used in the English language with some kind of difference in their meaning. The word ‘end’ is used to mean ‘came to an end’ as in the sentence ‘the game ended on a high note’. Here the sense of ‘has come to an end’ can be estimated by using the word ‘end’. The meaning of the sentence would be ‘the game received an end on a high note’.

On the other hand the word ‘Finish’ is used to mean ‘completion’ as in the sentence ‘finish the job quickly.’ In this sentence you can see that the word ‘finish’ is used in the meaning ‘full’ and the meaning of the sentence would be ‘full employment quickly’ is essentially the difference between the two words ‘the end’ and ‘finish’.

It is important to know that both words can be used as verbs in sentences such as

1. He ended the tour drummer.

2. He finished his meal.

In both the sentences mentioned above you can see that the two words ‘end’ and ‘finished’ are used as verbs. In the first sentence the word ‘end’ refers to a pitcher who closed around the drummer. In the second sentence the word ‘finish’ indicates that the person has completed making his meals.

The word ‘end’ is often used in expressions such as ‘stopped’, ‘end’, ‘end’, ‘at the end of the day’ and other such as in sentences

1. He put an end to the atrocities of the thief.

2. He wrote a book at the end.

3. He accomplished his goal at the end.


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