Enlightenment vs Romanticism

Difference Between Enlightenment and Romanticism


Enlightenment is the era that started approx. 1690 to ca. 1800. It’s a bit the same as from the Renaissance period. During this period, people were more critical of religion and society. They had strong faith in fellow human beings and used more brain before speaking. They had new ways of thinking and it is said that it started in France, where Voltaire and Diderot had new methods and began to dig into the science. People also began to doubt the policy and form of government, and it was during this time period when the spread of revolution took place. The perfect example is French Revolution. There were changes in trade and economy and they were thinking of ways they could make life easier as the industrial revolution.


In the 1800s came a new age of  romance, that changed everything in the Enlightenment. Romance emphasizes imagination, emotion, nature and people. Also in the poetry, romance means feelings, experiences and imagination that are more important than common sense.

The differences:

1. The Enlightenment is where brain is followed, in romanticism heart is followed.

2. In the Enlightenment they were more interested in finding out things, while the romance is mainly about feelings and soaking

3. In the romance several poems are written and several paintings are drawn

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