Erosion vs. Corrosion

Difference Between Erosion and Corrosion

Both erosion and corrosion are usual processes that have diverse results on their surfaces. They are entirely unusual from each other. That is while erosion takes small rocks and pebbles from place to place, corrosion is a chemical process.It causes changes in the composition of the surface it takes place. People bewilder between erosion and corrosion and cannot differentiate between these two natural processes. This article will clear doubts regarding these processes by highlighting their features.

Erosion, as many people believe is not breakage of rocks. It refers to only the movement of small fragments of rocks from one location to another under the influence of gravity coupled with blowing winds, flowing water or melting ice of the glaciers. Weathering causes rock particles to become loose andthe natural agents like water and wind move them away to newer locations. Remember, rock pieces falling under gravity, is not erosion. Only when they are under the pressure of a natural agent does the process called as erosion.

Corrosion, as told above, is a chemical procedure and takes place on the surface of some substances such as metals. Metals have loose electrons that they lose by the action of moisture and oxygen. Corrosion of metals is truly their oxidation in the presence of moisture and is witnessed in daily life when one observes an exposed part of a car getting corroded. Corrosion is accompanied by an irreversible chemical reaction that changes the composition of the metal and leads to formation of its oxide. Iron pipes carrying water get corroded due to their oxidation. This is called rust which is brown in color and comes in your hands when you try to scratch it with a sharp object.


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