Espresso vs. Latte

Difference Between espresso and latte

What is the difference between espresso and latte?

The avid coffee drinker can easily tell the difference between espresso and latte, but it will be harder for those who do not drink coffee to know which is which. Both are variations of coffee that involve a lot of blending mixing techniques. This is why there are differences between the two beverages.

Due to the different ways in which each one is blended and mixed, espresso tastes a lot stronger than latte. You may not be aware of the fact that espresso is the base constituent for mixing any variation of coffee and this includes latte. It may or may not be mixed with milk, but latte is always mixed with milk. This is the main difference by which coffee drinkers differentiate between espresso and latte. However if you don’t drink coffee, then you will not be able to differentiate between on taste alone.

Hot water is always used in making an espresso. You also need a special espresso making machine because you don’t simply mix the granules with hot water. Instead the hot water is forced by pressure through the finely ground coffee granules. When you drink it like this then you have espresso. If you mix it with steamed milk then it becomes a latte. There are also variations of latte, such as mate, chai and matcha.

The word latte is from the Italian language and means milk and the addition of steamed milk to espresso makes this very popular variation of coffee.

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