Facts vs. Opinions

Difference between facts and opinions?

Facts and opinions have completely different meanings and connotations. Fact is something that is formed based on observation, but opinions are beliefs that one has about an object, a person or a situation. A fact is considered to be true because it is based on logical conclusions.

What are facts?

A fact is an opinion that has proven to be valid. It has no relation to emotions because it is based on observations that tend to remain the same over time. It is reality and is permanent. For example, if you say that the sun rises in the East, this is fact because it happens every morning. There is no room for difference in stating facts.

Facts are universal and they are not individualistic in nature.

What are opinions?

An opinion is a belief that cannot be supported by facts. It is an emotion because it is what a person believes at a given moment in time and can change in an instant. It is subjective and individual because several people can have differing opinions on the same situation.

Opinions lead to facts because they form the basis on which one observes certain things. Scientific facts all started off as opinions that the scientists set out to prove or disprove. The best opinion, based on experimentation, is accepted as being fact.

Opinions have an important role to play in business with regards to the techniques used for marketing and the overall behavior of the organization. Surveys that new companies take are basically opinions of potential customers about new products that have been launched or ideas that can be incorporated into customer service. This makes them very useful in giving a new company some ideas about which direction it should take.

Opinions are not universal. There can be as many opinions as there are people.