Farm vs. Garden

Difference Between Farm And Garden


Traditional agriculture, which began some 10,000 years ago, changed drastically in the 20th century. With technological innovations that mechanized farming, and revolutionary approaches in the breeding and cultivation of animals and plants. Yet the specter of world hunger and problems of soil and water depletion haunt the future. The modern farms of today are what will feed the world of tomorrow. Their proper management and continued productivity are essential for future generations.

Currently, more than 2.2 million farms occupy more than 922 million acres (373 million hectares) in US only. The average farm is about 418 acres (169 hectares), but farms are remarkably diverse. An irrigated vegetable farm in California’s Imperial Valley is quite different from a tobacco field in Virginia.


Rock Garden, a garden in which plants and rocks are harmoniously combined to achieve a certain ornamental effect or design. The garden is usually constructed according to a plan but may utilize existing settings. Rock gardens were first developed in England in the late 18th century in an effort to cultivate plants native to mountainous regions. Consequently, rock gardens are also sometimes referred to as alpine gardens.

Planning the Garden

Of primary importance in creating a rock garden is the selection of plants that can exist in rock crevices or hollows, that are compatible with soil and climatic conditions, and that possess foliage and flowers that together create a pleasing effect. Generally, native perennials and shrubs with a low, spreading habit of growth give best results.

Arranging the rocks to avoid erosion and permit proper placement of plants and easy access from pathways also is important. Watering facilities must be carefully planned as well, with attention to both supply and drainage.


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