Fatigue vs. Sleep

Difference Between Fatigue And Sleep

With the medication change, I am not as insanely tired anymore.

In the past, I could sleep all day. If I was bored, then I slept. If I felt bad then I slept. Usually I did not even need a reason, I only slept anyway.

The disadvantage of the medicine was just that, I slept all the time. There were major problems with school and almost all activities except sleeping suffered. It became untenable, simply. I have a new medication that I can sleep on, but I miss the constant sleepiness sometimes. I never sleep more than seven hours a night now, and I do not really know my body is used to it. I’m sick in the head, tired of the whole body, but I’m not sleepy. I can not sleep until around noon, as the average person. I can definitely do not sleep during the day anymore. Boredom and anxiety have now been suffered in wakefulness. Right now, my head may not to be awake. It has imbibed enough impression for the day, time to put them in our dreams. Too bad it does not work like that anymore. Now I have to sit and wait until I can actually sleepy. If I put my head on the pillow before, then I fell asleep, in any case. If I do it now I hear only the clock ticking.

In many situations, the new medicine is still better than the last. The majority of states, even. I can get out of bed nowadays.

My days have lengthened, my nights have dwindled. I have an awful lot more time now. Time I did not expect to have in my possession. Time I do not know what to make of. It is strange and it makes me restless.




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