Feet vs. Foot

Difference Between Feet and Foot

Foot and Feet are two very common words in the English language. It may seem trivial to read about the difference between the foot and feet, but there are many who seem to be confused when using them in different contexts. Everyone knows that foot and feet both refer to the leg. Foot is the singular and the plural is feet. So, we say one foot, and two feet. However, there is another different meaning of the word, and this keeps people confused. Foot is a unit of measurement, which is equal to 12 inches. Its plural is also, feet. When we need to refer to the length of an object, we use the term feet to state the exact size.

The foot is an imperial unit of measurement that is regarded as less accurate than a meter, which according to the SI units, is the standard unit of measurement. It is roughly a quarter to a third of a meter. Yet, the measuring unit foot is still used in many parts of the world, including the United States, who have standardized the foot in 1959.

The distinction between foot and feet is in their being singular and plural. However, there are some sayings in the English language where this distinction is not so apparent. ‘I don’t want to touch it with a 20-foot long pole’. If someone is not aware of the nuances of the English language, he may think it grammatically wrong to say ’20 foot’ in place of ’20 feet’. But then, it is all in the usage.


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