Festival vs. Celebration

Difference Between Festival and Celebration

The words celebration and festival are often confused with intimacy in their direction. This is the reason why they are often used interchangeably. There is obviously a difference between the two terms.

The festival is a day of celebration or a time of celebration. A festival can be religious or secular in function. The festival is sometimes referred to a series of concerts, games and more. Which are required annually or regularly in a city. Festivals are usually concentrated in the concept.

The festivals have a series of events or programs connected with the food, drink and dress well. Dance festivals, music festivals, food festivals, wine festivals, drama festivals and festivals of clothing are some of the popular ones held each year in some major towns and cities of countries Europe and the United States of America.

The celebration consists of other hand to the spot of an event with festivities. Now one of the important differences between the festival and the celebration is that there is intended to mark an event with the festivities when celebrating while such intention is absent in case of a festival. A second festival is the annual ordinary celebrations.

The celebrations are a public performance although they mark achievements of individuals and events. On the other hand festivals are always publicly executed because they are intended for the general public. The celebrations are not exactly for the general public. They are made as part of the act of judging the success or achievement. The festivals are not celebrated as part of the act of judging the success or achievement.

A football team wins a major tournament enters the celebrations in a big way. Instead the team does not celebrate the festival. This is the difference between the festival and celebration.


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