Ford Falcon AU II vs. Ford Falcon AU III

Differences Between Ford Falcon AU II and III


Luxury, glamour, and durability, these are the best words that could describe a ford manufactured car. Ever since the car industry existed, Ford motors seemed to never fail in excelling among its competitors, they are always branded as no 1 in the car industry. And to have this prestige one would not expect that once, a strongly founded empire in the car world would experience an unavoidable defeat. The release of the Ford Falcon AU series II and III, two of Ford Astralia’s manufactured cars, was one of the most devastating events that happened to Ford motors’ history. After having a development investment of $600,000,000 the series didn’t make it successful in the car industry.

Ford Falcon AU II was released on April 2000, 2 years after its predecessor, Ford Falcon AU, which was released on September 1998. The model was intended to replace the first AU model after being not able to endear the Australian car market because of its awkward styling. The AU II was considered a minor facelift from the previous car model and had few modifications from the previous model. Though the latter functioned and looked well than the previous one, still it was not able to uplift the reputation the first AU had left. Because of the seemingly unsuccessful attempt to increase the AU’s salability, another successor to the AU series was launched a year after, The AU III.

Ford Falcon AU III succeeded the AU II and introduced a year after the previous model’s launch. November 2001 Ford astonished everyone for the release of the newer, more beautiful AU. There were few changes made to the newer model of the AU series, the only difference it had from the previous one is that the AUIII had an additional accessory, the anti-lock breaks. Though there were efforts to give the AU III a better impression, the latter still was not able to survive the tough competition in the car industry. A year after, Ford Australia released another Falcon, this time it was no longer named AU. The Ford Falcon BA, a more sophisticated model with better aesthetic qualities succeeded and replaced the AU series.

There are so many unexpected events that may happen in the world of business. There will always be twist and turns, we cannot say that if you’ve been a constant achiever, you will always be that way. Sometimes failure isn’t far from perfection. Ford Falcon AU II and III could be reflections of this phrase.

Differenced In brief:


  • Ford falcon AU II was released on April 2000 to succeed the September 1998 Ford falcon AU.
  • Ford Falcon AU II did not make it big in the car industry and was replaced by Ford Falcon AU III.
  • Unlike the AU II, The AU III had anti-lock breaks.
  • Just like the AU II, AU II wasn’t successful enough to create an impression in the car industry and thus was replaced with another model of Ford Falcon, The Ford Falcon BA.


  • driver

    funny enough the AUs outsold the BAs thou. i wouldnt say it was all unsuccessful. the AU utes were very popular. even outsold ( or should i say flogged) holdens brand new VU ute sales with its thunderous new V8 at the time. the public wasnt ready for the AU at the time it was realised. look at it now. it has aged so much better then the VT/VX commodores have and really was the better car at the time and still is. I’ve owned one for 6 years and hasnt let me down yet. its well maintained and has had a very good life. deffently go series 2 or 3 as they have the better brakes. anti lock brakes was optional for series 1 and 2. (mines a series 2) if you do go series one. i would recommend a brake update as the series ones brakes where nowhere near as good as series 2 and 3. now days the AU sedan and wagons are a cheap reliable motoring in my honest opinion. expect too pay a bit more for an AU ute as these buggers have held their value pretty well in the last few years. (its a ute of course its gunna be worth something every man and his dog wants one)