Forums vs. Blogs

Difference Between Forums And Blogs


The Forum is an online space for sharing and discussion. Forum usually collects the fans of something and allows them to confront in a question and answer. The Forum is used to give and receive advice but also to provide Technical Support. Often they are designed and monitored by companies to understand their image or intervene to answer so the official problems can be solved. Everything can be written on a Forum after a registration and the choice of a nickname with which the person presents himself. The discussions are usually moderate by the super user who has the powers to move threads, censor or ban the author. The Forum now also has a system to measure the activity of every user who buys credibility, fame, respect and authority as he contributes.


The term Blog is derived from the words ‘Web’ and ‘Log’ i.e. ‘weblog’ or ‘diary of the. Blog is a personal diary on the Web with the difference that instead of being “private” it is public and open to all.

The type of communication in a blog is bidirectional and follows the rule of “one to many” unlike the forum that works on the communication principle of “many to many“.

Due to its dynamism and the ability to be updated, blog has spread rapidly among young people. Every day hundreds of new Blog are opened hundreds are closed. Fast spreading of Blog is due to CMS (Content Management System).


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