Frogs vs. Toads

Difference Between Frogs and Toads


Most people get confused upon distingushing wether the amphibians they see is either a frog or a toad. This is because the features of both species are not that obvious and certain species even fall into both categories. Both of them live in land and water. They are also both cold-blooded and breed in water. But here are some differences between the two.

Frogs differ from toads for they have two bulgging eyes, two strong long webbed feet which they use for swimming and leaping, they also have slimy skin and they tend to lay their eggs in clusters. Frogs prefer more moist environments. They belong to the family Ranidae, which has more than 400 species.

Now, the toad however, has shorter legs for they preferr walking instead of hopping, they do have dry skin because they want to stay in dry places, they also have paratoid glands behind their eyes making them poisonous, their body structure is also more bulkier compared to frogs and toads lay their eggs in long chains. They belong to the family Bufonidae, which has more than 300 species.


In Brief:

  • Frogs have slimy skin while the toad has dry skin.
  • Those who leap are the frogs and those who walk are toads.
  • Toads lay their eggs in long chains while frogs lay their eggs in clusters.
  • The body structure of a toad is more bigger compared to a frog.
  • All toads are poisonous, some frog are also poisonous but not all.