Goal Vs. Aim

Difference Between Goal and Aim

A first introduction session in class is a tougher time for all students. A feeling of shy, fear, hesitation overtakes most of the students. Even I was not an exception. When asked from the last bench my chance came very fast and I quickly replied that my aim is to be a ‘rockstar’.Aim is the process of preparing our self towards a definite future. It makes our life much stable. A man without an aim is like a boat without an oar.

Meeting a deadline in office is the onus of all employees. Missing it may cause a person to loose his job. It is not like becoming a rockstar.It is like meeting the expectations within a limited period of time. And that definite target is termed as goal. So we here we have come across the subtle differences between aim and goal.  Aim in the broader sense is but a plan how we can lead our future life. It is for the long term but with a definite course of action the canvas is much bigger when we think of aim. The final junction or the destination is what is termed as goal. A particular aim sets the fuel of goal running. If buying a sophisticated car or a bike is our aim, then goals will set us rolling towards that definite end. Aims have a wider dimension than goal.

Goals are the very first stones of a building on whose infrastructure the whole tower of aim is built. In other words aim is the projected or desired future but goal is somewhat the immediate desired result.

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