Google Com vs. Google Co In

Difference Between Google Com and Google Co In

In the current scenario of Internet controlling the ways we conduct global business, things would seem really odd if there is no Google. Google is a trusted and the best search engine that can ever be as it can generate the desired search results of millions of users within a fraction of seconds. It has been a long and hard journey for Google till its success. The only criteria for a good search engine is provide accurate and quick search results that are relevant. Only then the search engine can be a popular one. To generate better and quicker search results Google has set up servers in different locations so that when people who are live in those countries search something on Google they get the search results those are deemed fit and relevant by the local servers. As a result a person conducting Google search from Russia gets different search results from a person doing the same in Asia. This results in a realistic search and the load on the commercial search engine server also gets reduced as circulated traffic will make the different and local servers faster and more efficient to serve the needs of the local people. If you make a Google search in the local Russian server the search results will come in the Russian language which will trouble you if you do not know the language. Apart from the search results there are no differences between the and the


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