Guilt Vs.Grief

Difference Between Guilt And Grief

Out of the many human emotions grief and guilt are the two emotions that are poles apart. However there definitely can be certain instances where guilt can lead to the feeling of grief. The feeling of guilt comes only when the person feels either sorry or ashamed of his or her actions that could have been avoided. A man is in grief when he falls in the trap of circumstances that are against him and not in his control and he can’t do anything about it.

The circumstances and the causes of the two emotions are different. A person has the capability of resolving his/her sense of guilt, but the same is not applicable for the person in grief. Rather in case of grief, one has to learn to either live with the sense of grief or learn to cope with it until ultimately the strong feeling subsides and fades off. However overcoming the sense of guilt is dependent completely on the individual who is experiencing it.

Guilt is the feeling of being sorry for something that is done that should not have been done or for not doing something that should have been done. Feeling of despair and blaming oneself for the outcome is the associates of the feeling of guilt and these may lead the person to enter a state of depression.

A person grieves when he loses something or someone very close to him such as a family member or a companion or a friend. Grief has a lot many dimensions such as behavioral, social, cognitive and physical and the way different people react to grief to overcome it is also different for different individuals.


  1. Grief is something that a person feels after a loss of something or someone who has been close to that person while guilt is the feeling of being sorry for doing something that should not have been done and for not doing something that should have been done.
  2. It is easier to get over guilt while a person can go on feeling grief all throughout their life.
  3. Both have physical as well as emotional harmful effects.


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