Gumpaste vs. Fondant

Difference Between Gumpaste and Fondant

Gum paste and Fondant are like an icing substance which is known as sugar paste. They are made of sugar to decorate pastries, cakes etc. They are generally white in color but can be seen in various colors. Let us discuss both of them one by one to find the difference between the two.

Gum paste

It is prepared by sugar and dough. So, they are often called ‘sugar dough’. It has shaping capabilities like clay because gums are added to it. They are used the intricate designs for the decorations. Gum paste may be tinted, painted, and dusted. The material used in gum paste is edible.


Fondant is made up of ‘fon-dohn’ which is a French term meaning ‘melting’ as a result of icing properties. Fondant is of two types. One is the rolled fondant which is called fondant icing. Second type of fondant is called poured fondant. Poured fondant is used to cover the whole cake. It is also used for filling pastries and candies. On the other hand fondant icing are used in decorating like gum paste.

Difference between Gum paste and Fondant

Gum pastes are used in decoration of cakes. Figures like human, furniture, flowers can easily be made by gumpastes. They are made into any shape. On the other hand, fondants are used for covering or coating cakes. It is also used for filling pastries and candies. Fondants are of two types: rolled fondant which is prepared by melting marsh mallows and mixing powdered sugar in it, and second type is poured fondant which prepared by water and sugar cooled and stirred. It is creamy. On the other there is no other type of gum paste.

Gum paste and fondant have different purposes. Fondant is used to coat the cake while gum paste is used to make a design.


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