Hawk vs. Falcon

Difference between Hawk and Falcon

Both hawk and falcon are members of the species falconiformes or accipitriformes. However the taxonomical similarity ends right there as they are subdivided into different families and they have characters which are quite different from each other.

Hawk is a bird which belongs to the genus Accipiter and is by nature a hunter. They inhabit woodlands and they have incredible eyesight along with a long tail, shorter wings and slim feet and toes. The eyes are generally red or sometimes yellow or orange tinged. There are many hawks such as sparrow hawks, the Sharp-shinned Hawk etc. The hawks are birds of preys who limit their hunting activities to the animals of grounds. Agility is their main strength which they use to good effect by hunting their preys with short sudden surprise attacks. Whenever they spot any animal coming out of cover, they close in quickly and get their prey by grabbing them using the talons on their feet. They have smooth curved beaks.

Falcons are found all over Europe, Asia and America. They are equipped with a notch on their beak that helps them to break the neck of their preys. Falcons fly at great heights. They have thin and pointed wings that help them do so and also to change direction with minimum difficulty. A falcon soars at great heights and flies in circles while waiting for the preys to come out. Once they spot the prey, they take the plunge, gains incredible speed in the process and while hitting the neck of the prey with the beak they generally break the neck. The falcons have shorter tails and slender feet  and toes.


  • Smart

    Red tail hawk vs Pilgrim Falcon. It is a speed vs agility battle. The pilgrim falcon seems unstoppable, with a max speed of 242 miles per hour. However, the hawk has greater agility. The falcon is great for an open battle field, but the hawk has the advantage in obstacle battle fields. What if they fight in one battle field that has both.

    The red tail hawk and the pilgrim falcon clash. The falcon goes super high and tries to do his 242 miles per hour stoop to knock the hawk unconscious. Hawk flies out of the way and tries to talon strike the falcon out of the sky. However, the falcon proved to fast for the hawk. Then, the falcon goes for an under side talon strike. The falcon goes at the hawk at 30 miles per hour. However, the hawk has longer legs and talons and grabs the falcon. However. the falcon decides if he/she is going to die, both are going to die. The falcon sky rockets to the air, then zooms down at 242 miles per hour. The hawk can’t handle the speed and is knocked unconscious because of the speed. Thee falcon is badly wounded and is running out of energy. The hawk gets up and goes for a full speed chase. It has nowhere to run. So the falcon only choice is to go for the air. However the falcon is too weak. So he stops to rest in a hole in a tree that the hawk can’t get into. The hawk waits for the falcon to come out, then it lets it guard down. Fully recovered the falcon makes a surprise attack. He grabs the hawk by the hawk’s back using his talons and goes up and higher. Then, he goes for a stoop of 242 miles per hour. The hawk got stunned. The falcon sinks his talons into the hawk. Then, he tears out one of the hawks wings. The hawk gets back to action, he falls at a speed of 10 miles per hour. The falcon goes at the hawk with an amazing 242 miles per hour falcon stoop. In a desperate scene the hawk flaps his/her one wing furiously. The hawk enters the depths of the forest. The falcon is slowing down, by the time the falcon has a hard time moving around the hawk crashed landed when he bumped into a tree and went for a crash. As they always said ”more is better than 1”. The falcon soon finds the hawk and eats it. The falcon killed the hawk indirectly. However, the falcon is still victories. Why the falcon crashed landed in a forest, because before the falcon sank it talons into it and tore a wing apart. The hawk went furiously into the dept. of the forests and crashed into a tree and fell, if it still had its two wings it wouldn’t be a clumsy flier.