Heaven vs. Earth

Difference Between Heaven and Earth

Earth and Heaven are words used in very different situations. Earth is where we humans live in while heaven describes a place where the ones who have died go and live eternal lives. This alone makes earth and heaven two completely different words.

There are those who believe in reincarnation which states that a person who dies is will be born again, but in a different form. Those who believe in heaven, however, claim that a soul becomes free of life’s cycle and goes to heaven instead. Heaven is where God resides, while human beings roam the earth. Basically, we can say that heaven is a place for God and earth is for us human beings, plants and other animals.

Some popular beliefs also claim that a person who dies will rise to heaven depending on his deeds when he/she was still alive. Heaven brings complete happiness to anyone who gains entrance there. Thus, many perceive heaven as the ultimate goal of life. One must endure austerities and offer sacrifices in order to ensure acceptance in heaven. And these sacrifices and deeds are supposed to be performed while we are still here on earth.

While we are still here, walking on earth, we are expected to act accordingly and, as much as possible, be good to our fellow human beings and all other forms of life we can find if we really want to go to heaven after death.