Heaven vs. Hell

Difference Between Heaven and Hell


According to the Bible Heaven is a place where Gods live and any one who accepts the God will go there. It is a place where the dead finds eternity. According to some religious beliefs Heaven is a place that is reserved for the good and righteous people. One can reach heaven by performing some rituals. Certain Gods have to be appeased. Religion says that the believers of Gods will reside with him in the Heaven.


The Bible says ‘the wicked shall be turned into the hell and all the nations that forget God (Psalms 0:17)’.  Every one who will reject the presence of god will go to hell. It is a place where the dead will suffer for their wrong deeds and sins. The hell is the abode for the evil people who after death will be subjected to severe pains and punishments for their wrong deeds during their life time. Sins like hatred, violence, adultery, heresies, jealousy etc are responsible for entry in Hell.