Hell vs. Heaven

Difference Between Hell and Heaven


Heaven is supposedly the place where God the Almighty resides. On the contrary, Hell is a place prepared for the evil Satan. The dead who follows God will rise to heaven, while those who have led sinful and Godless lives would suffer in hell. The Bible says in Psalms 0:17 that, “The wicked will go to hell including all the nations who forget God”.

The Bible also states that the ones who accept God will surely be granted entrance to heaven and rewarded with new and immortal bodies. Several religions accept the existence of heaven and that it is indeed a place where the meritorious and good people go. They also accept that hell is where the wicked and unsaved go.

In heaven, the lucky ones who get sent there would be clearly conscious of their being there while those in hell would only be mindful of their sins afflictions; the pain severe pains and suffering they will be subjected to for all eternity.

Some other beliefs state that heaven can be reached through performing certain rituals. Certain ‘gods’ must be appeased in order to secure a spot in heaven. To the believers of the one God, He will reside with them in heaven and those who reject God and those who reject his presence will be thrown into the pits of hell. The Bible specifically states that, “They will be thrown into the lake of fire.” It is our sins that bring us to hell. Sins such as idolatry, adultery, murder, witchcraft, hatred, blasphemy, and envy have been specially mentioned in the Bible.


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