Hemp Vs. Cannabis

Difference Between Hemp And Cannabis

Central and South Asia have Cannabis which is a particular kind of flowering plant which is native to that place. These plants have medicinal purpose, are used as recreational drugs and are further used for getting their fiber and seeds. The plants are cultivated for their seeds and fiber.

Cannabis ruderalis provides Industrial hemp which actually comes of the L variety .Various experiments have proved that the substance which can make individual high which is tetrahydrocannabinol  or THC is present in it. Though it is only 1.5%,. The cannabidiol (CBD) content is considerably high and that further reduces psychedelic effects of THC.

a major raw material for industrial products is Hemp fiber. Its usage is found in the household products, building materials, plastics, production of paper, textile, and other because of its  strong and durable nature. a good source of protein, amino acids, and fatty acids are found in Its seeds.

Ethanol for fuel can be manufactured by processed hemp seeds. Otherwise, in sauces, butter, and other condiments, it is essentially added as ingredients. It could be consumed as a whole or in the form of flour, cooked as porridge, and could be baked.

Cannabis was also known by the name of marijuana and the intensity of tetrahydrocannabinol was extremely high. It is indeed suitable for medicinal and recreational purposes as it has up to 20% of this vigorous component.

It is illegal in almost all the parts of the globe to use cannabis for recreational purposes leaving a few exceptions. It is legalized in countries of Spain, Netherlands, Austria, and Germany. Gastrointestinal problems, vomiting, nausea, , treating glaucoma and  for stimulating appetite in AIDS and cancer patients find the use of this effectively.

Temperate, humid, and damp areas are the essential climatic conditions to facilitate Marijuana or Cannabis to grow.  It is only then they can produce the highest-quality seeds and flowers as compared to hemp easily grows anywhere and everywhere. In addition, hemp has to be grown up and Cannabis needs a lot of space simply because its branches fan out.

Permission to growth is needed by both the plants, though. To cultivate hemp is not illegal; however the DEA has to give a special permit to the growers. It is compulsory that the area should have guards and fences to keep people at bay.



1. Cannabis ruderalis L variety produces Hemp which is also the plant of genus Cannabis while the Cannabis sativa produces marijuana which is produced from the indica variety.

2. The branches and stems of the Hemp plant are long-lasting and tough while Cannabis’ or marijuana’s are soft.

3. To cultivate hemp is not illegal but, very much like marijuana or Cannabis, permission is required, and to add on, various limitations are also forced.

4. While hemp seed can be consumed as porridge by processing it as food to make pastries by grinding it into flour, Cannabis seeds are only smoked.

5. Only a small area is needed to cultivate Hemp because while cannabis or marijuana grow, it automatically grows because on a larger area because the leaves must be grown out.

6. Gastrointestinal problems, vomiting, nausea, , treating glaucoma and  for stimulating appetite in AIDS and cancer patients find the use of this effectively with cannabis or marijuana while hemp is used as raw material in industries and can also be used as fuel


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