Herbicide vs. Insecticide

Difference Between Herbicide and Insecticide

Usually both herbicide and insecticide are used in agricultural purpose to kill unwanted pests, weeds and insects. Although both of them have a protective purpose they are different.


Herb means plants, so as the name suggests, it is a kind of pesticide which is used to kill plants. There are two types of herbicides, one which is used industrially to eliminate entire plants in an area and the other being used agriculturally to kill selected harmful weeds.  Herbicide is used while eliminating weeds in an area. However it is quite unusual to use herbicides for indoor purpose as plants which grow inside the house generally do not need herbicides.


The name insecticides itself makes it clear that it is used to terminate insects. It is used in agricultural purpose where the insects which are causing harm to the crops are killed. There are insecticides which destroy the eggs and larvae of the insects and there are some which kill the insects themselves. Unlike the herbicides the insecticides can be used indoors to kill insects like cockroaches and termites etc.