Highway vs. Freeway

Difference Between Highway and Freeway

There are quite serious confusions about freeways and highways and often people think they are the same. However they are quite different.


Highway establishes connection between major cities and is generally crowded. This is why speed of a car should be limited on a highway. There are times when highways pass through places that are pretty crowded. There are also a lot of intersections present on the highways. The presence of intersections is one of the vital reasons for the crowded nature of the highways. There are also a lot of toll gates that slow down the progress considerably. One of the biggest disadvantages of the highways is that they have enough lanes to facilitate fast transportation. It has about 2 to 4 lanes all throughout.


If someone wants a smooth and fast ride without too much traffic delays then they should use the freeways. It is possible to run your car with good speeds on a freeway as a freeway never passes through any crowded place. Unlike the highway a freeway is never crowded nature as there are no intersections present. One cannot generally find tollgates in a freeway. This makes it evident that a ride through a freeway is free from any obstructions and delays. There are 6 lanes present on the freeways all throughout. So there is even more reason for the journey on a freeway to be smooth and devoid of any delay. This is why people prefer travelling through freeways.