History vs. Culture

Difference Between History and Culture

History and culture are two terms that are hugely different.   However they are quite interrelated to each other.


History is all about the growth of a particular country or region. History includes the stories and records of kings and kingdoms. It is all about the past and the making of a country and comprises of wars, emperors, monuments and tombs. History maintains a chronological record of important events.  It is a study of events of that concerns human beings. When you are studying the developments of any subject or country over the past it is also can also be called history.


Culture involves connoisseurs of art, music and dance and is more about the interests shown by the people of the particular country or land concerned. Unlike the history culture has a great admix of the past and the present.  Where history is all about the making of a country, culture is all about the making of intellectual achievements and mental progress of a man or an individual. Culture shows the sense of art or creativity of man mind.  A country which lacking in culture really lacks in intellectual people

History highlights the kings who used to promote culture for the growth of music and dance in the country.  Culture in return makes the history of a land famous.


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    Thanks, I need to know the difference for an Eastern Hemisphere project.