History vs. Prehistory

Difference between history and prehistory

There is a considerable difference between the nature and substance of history and pre-history. There are recorded events that occurred in the past in order to clarify history, but pre-history cannot be clarified due to non-availability of recording facilities in the pre-historic period.


The words prehistoric man and prehistoric period emerged from the word pre-history. Thus, it can be simply said that the term prehistory is referred to the time period before the era of recorded history. The era of beginning of the universe and when there was the beginning of life on earth is described as prehistoric period by historians and geologists. In short, it is used to express the era from when human existence began.

It is vital to note that the prehistoric period was divided into three stages namely; the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. These three eras were named on the basis of the tools used at that time. There are no written accounts in the prehistory period.


History, on the other hand, as said above is the written records of the past. There are some written reports of the best empires in the world history. Mughal Empire in India and other kingdoms all over the world are included in the history. Most of these kingdoms where known even today due to the written historical records that had been written by them.

It is fact that, history wholly depends on written records. It is believed to be the recorded set of proceedings that might be happened in the past. In short, history refers to the study of human past. Due to its huge dependence on writing, it can be said that history was the era after invention of writing.


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