Holiday vs. Vacation

Difference Between Holiday and Vacation

The two words holiday and vacation have quite different meanings. However the use is somewhat similar in certain situations. The way the words are used depends upon the style of speaking in different countries.


Absence from the regular work routine can be defined as holiday. The purpose of this absence can be anything rest, recreation, short break from work to spend time with family, quick and small trip to deferent places and resorts, in short any thing and everything. In some countries it is found that holidays have certain religious reasons like festivals associated with them. The word holiday can be divided into the words Holy Day. So people tend to give a specific importance to that particular day. The weekend is also an example of holiday. Holidays can be of different types such as national holidays, unofficial, religious holidays.


Unlike the holidays a vacation includes a longer break from the daily schedule with the family members in the form of trips to some other place for rest and recreation. In the case of vacation there are a cluster of holidays without any day of work. In some countries vacation means a long summer leave that one takes to be with the family members.