Hotel vs. Motel

Difference Between Hotel and Motel


According to the Oxford dictionary ‘Hotel is an establishment providing accommodation, meals, and other services for travelers and tourists, by the night.’ The visitors use them when they want to stay for a long time. One can stay in a hotel room for weeks or more according to his/ her needs. All sorts of luxuries and amenities like the TV sets, restaurants, swimming pools, gyms are there in a hotel. If you are travelling in a car and go to a hotel your car will be parked in a parking area that will be in some distance from your room in the hotel. A hotel is situated well inside a town or a city. Unlike the motels there are fewer hotels when you are travelling on highways or less frequented roads.


The Oxford dictionary defines motels as ‘roadside hotel designed primarily for motorists, typically having the rooms arranged in low blocks with parking directly outside. They are used usually for a night’s stay. A motel has a parking within its premises, usually you can park your car in the inner courtyard of a motel. The rates of staying in a motel is quite less as it does offer lesser luxuries, i.e. the ones necessary for a short period of stay. The motels are very frequent on even the less travelled roads, so people can easily find a place to stay when they are on long journeys. Their main motive is to provide shelter to people who are on the drive, so they are not that frequent inside the cities and towns. They are rather found on the streets and highways.