House vs. Apartment

Difference Between House and Apartment

Though it is true that apartments and houses are both places where people live, there are many differences.


When you buy a house, you are the owner of the property and have to pay all the taxes to the authorities. You can do whatever you like in your property and make changes to your house as you like. You have to pay for every repair work that you do and have to take the responsibility to maintain the land in front of your house as it is also a pert of your property and your property is your responsibility. A house is very expensive; but if you buy one , you can be satisfied that you have your own property and your children can be the future owners.


Apartments are a number of living spaces that are built on and around each other to save space. They originated due to the scarcity of open spaces in cities and towns. The builder is the landlord and he is the one who leases the apartments to people who seek to live in it. The property remains in the name of the landlord. Though you may have a right to live in an apartment for as much time according to your wish, you can never make any changes without the landlord’s permission. You have to compromise with privacy while living in an apartment however there some common properties which you can use like the terrace swimming pools etc. However it is his lookout to keep the common properties such as stairs, elevator and driveway in a proper condition. It is also the responsibility of the landlord to pay the taxes and he will collect the money from you periodically.